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Advancia, Corp. Advancia Web Site
Flash Training Samples:
A training solution was required to deliver instruction to U.S. Army Reservist's and reclass personnel.
  • Macromedia's Flash was chosen as delivery technology for it's multimedia capabilities and browser support
  • Development of .FLA authoring template to deliver instruction facilitated quick and consistent development for non-Flash developers
  • Each individually developed screen seamlessly integrated into the instructional delivery interface
  • Specific interactions were developed as needed for Practical Exercises

Access Database Frontend:
Rapid CBT development and consistency among developers was required to develop training.
  • Data entry interface created to populate an existing database table structure
  • Linked tables, preset phrases, Mail Merge and features native to the Microsoft Office Suite achieved this goal.

Google Golf:
Windows Mobile Golf Score Card:
  • Proof of concept to demonstrate mobile and touch screen capabilities.
  • Letter, shape and color identify players rather than requiring players to input names.
**NOTE: When launched in browser, adjust the browser window size in any direction to trigger landscape orientation.

Adobe Flash Lite 2.1 for Windows Mobile and install on Windows Mobile Device.
(optional, will display in browser)
College of DuPage College of DuPage Multimedia Services Web Site
Academic Computing Labs Online Help:
On-Line Help System
  • Increase self sufficiency of Academic Computer Lab visitors.
  • The controlled lab environment allowed extensive use of Internet Explorer's media capabilities.

HTA (HTML Application):
Windows Media 8 command line encoding application.
  • Originally available with command line scripting.
  • Consistency and compression sessions simplification was required.
    • HTML Application
    • Builds the encode script
    • Builds an FTP batch file
    • Generates three versions of ASX metafiles populated with the appropriate clip information.
    • Begins the encoding process and transfers the encoded files to the streaming server when complete.

Handy Player:
Windows Media Player Skin
  • Multimedia Services wanted to advertise and demonstrate their expertise with streaming video.

Get Windows Media Player
The Dream CD:
College of DuPage promotional video CD-ROM.
  • MPEG-1 video playback interface created with Authorware for CD-ROM distribution.
  • The disc was mass replicated with a graphical images printed on the CD and printed on the distribution envelopes.

Allied Health:
PowerPoint Presentation outlining the College of DuPage Allied Health program.
  • The multimedia presentation utilizing audio and video consisted of a self-running version for trade shows and manual advance sampler for prospective students.
  • Distributing PowerPoint file with the PPT Viewer allowed for playability and ease of updates.

Departmental Website:
College of DuPage Multimedia Services department website.
  • Department promotion.
  • Access point to download forms for project requests.

Pitsco, Inc. - Synergistic Systems and Pathways Pitsco Web Site
Software/interface tutorial:
  • Teachers new to the Synergistic Systems Learning lab are guided through the interface and its features with narration and on-screen information highlighting specific areas of concern.
  • Each of the 52 (in 1997) learning lab modules were programmed using Authorware.
  • To simulate the most realistic training environment, an actual module was modified for facilitator training purposes.
chEasy View SE
Authorware media viewer.
  • The application allowed team members to view all module delivery engine supported media types.
  • Allowed graphic artists and curriculum specialists to quickly view work in simulated environment.

Synergistic Automated Manipulator Interface -SAMI:
Five axis servo driven robot control interface created with Authorware 4.
  • Students needed user friendly method to control the robot using a computer that would demonstrate the significance of automation for repetitive tasks.
  • Tied for Best of Show and created new category Most Innovative Use of Multimedia at the 1999 Macromedia User Conference in San Francisco.

Interactive Product Demo:
  • Product demo CD was needed for trade shows and sales personnel.
  • The CD was created with Authorware which was also the native module authoring tool enabling easy and realistic demonstration of modules.

Pathways Lab Panarama:
  • 360 degree view of an actual Pathways lab located in Florida.

eximietate, LLC eximietate Web Site
Flash(less) Cards:
HTML Flash Cards.
  • Vocabulary/concept flash card quizzing interface.
  • DHTML provided the functionality necessary.

Corporate Website:
Information and services available from the company.
  • Ease of navigation, functionality and updatability of content were the primary factors of development.

Access Database and Active Server Pages:
Online version of a book.
*NOTE: Content copyrighted and unavailable for public viewing.
  • Book data was viewable:
    • Page number
    • Keyword filter
    • Source Filter
    • Free-Text search

Product Demonstration Video player:
Video CD-ROM:
  • Client delivered all media and program flow ready to be authored.
  • Authorware and Windows Media Player ActiveX were chosen as delivery vehicle for their versatility and playability.

Neighborhood Panarama:
  • 360 degree view of a neighborhood during winter.

Infrared Photos:
  • Infrared photos

Time Lapse Videos
  • Time lapse tests using Pentax K7.

Android App
  • Voice Dictionary.
  • Voice and keyboard input.
  • Text definition display.
  • Audible definition read via TextToSpeech.
  • Lite version has limited word history and ads.
  • Paid version allows a definition to be sent to the phone via SMS.
  • Paid version also includes an easy access voice input button. Otherwise activated through soft keyboard.

College projects
College of DuPage (A.A.S.)
Final Cut Pro Video:
  • Assignment was to edit a PSA from the provided video.
    • Goals:
    • Tell a story about the benefits of COD.
    • Use only the provided sound and video.

Blipt TV
blip.tv (beta)
Final Cut Pro Video:
Theatrical Trailer Edit
  • Assignment was to edit a trailer for a movie of our choice.
    • Goals:
    • Tease the audience by not actually showing Robo Cop.
    • Use every explosion in the film.

Blipt TV
blip.tv (beta)
Final Cut Pro Video:
  • Assignment was to edit a commercial from the provided video.
    • Goals:
    • Tell a story.
    • Use only the provided sound and video.

Blipt TV
blip.tv (beta)
Final Cut Pro Video:
Documentary - Drama
  • Assignment was to edit a documentary from the provided video.
    • Goals:
    • Tell a real story about Coney Island.
    • Use only the provided sound and video.

Blipt TV
blip.tv (beta)
Final Cut Pro Video:
Documentary - Comedy
  • Assignment was to edit a documentary from the provided video.
    • Goals:
    • Tell a real funny story about Coney Island.

Blipt TV
blip.tv (beta)
Columbia College Chicago (B.A.)

  • Voice activated Chicago Information center for visitors to the Congress Plaza Hotel created with Talks.
  • Talks, a VoiceXML authoring tool developed by Jellyvision was used as the development environment for the information center.
  • The main menu and experimental project were coded manually.
*Note: The VoiceXML examples are no longer available.

A cryptarithm is a math problem where the goal is to identify the value of each letter.
  • Instructions to solve a cryptarithm
  • Actual cryptarithm to solve
*Note: To solve the cryptarithm, drag the numbers from the top to the box next to the letters.
Usability Report:

Report on the usability of this website.
  • Outline explaining the purpose organization and design of the test.
  • Results of the test.
University of Missouri (HCI graduate certificate)
Paper Prototype Presentation:
University of Missouri Rolla: IST 386 Prototyping semester project.
  • Develop prototype for on-line entertainment system for movies, games and internet.
  • Prototype iterations using Extreme Programming paradigm.

University of Missouri Rolla: IST 487 Research Methods semester project.
  • Determine if all Text-to-Speech (TTS) or a hybrid (computer/human voice) VoiceXML menus were "easier" to use by evaluating call-back and response time by menu type
  • The Voice Activated Cheap Gas Price finder application allowed callers to call a number and speak their zip code to receive the lowest gas price in that zip code.
  • Coded VXML and recorded voice menus.
  • "Try It" links to the results for the final class document.

Missouri University of Science & Technology
(Master of Science in Information Science and Technology)
Master's Thesis (PDF):
Missouri University of Science & Technology: Master's Thesis - PDF
  • The Effects of Technology on Literacy(s).
  • PDF format

Master's Thesis (ePub):
Missouri University of Science & Technology: Master's Thesis - ePub
  • The Effects of Technology on Literacy(s).
  • ePub format

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